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apply texture to all objects

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If all of your objects will accept direct textures (there are certain PIO's that will only accept textures applied through style classes) you can simply do a Select All (command A on Mac) and then double click on the texture in the Resource Browser (RB). Alternately, and maybe a bit better, you could create a new class, put all of your objects in the class (by selecting them and then assigning them to the class in the OIP) then go to the class set up dialog and and apply the texture to the entire class. Make sure that the "use at creation" box is checked. The advantage with the second method is that if you want to change the texture later, it can be done in the class dialog. HTH...

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Texures,hatches & Imagesprop are all very specific and each has its nuance to application. A screwwed up texture can take down your file .. ditto for hatches. A misplaced ImageProp can result in render issues.

You need to establish a set Protocol for each type of object and the various parameters. It can become very confusing. Global assignments require careful thought.

Once the Class attributes are established then you can >menu>organize>custom selection>create script

ie, select-C=Interior Wall-6

once created ...click the script.

Symbols must be manipulated individually.

Also keep in mind that VW must somehow track all the changes. So give the app time & space to do its work. Try not to get too far ahead of yourself and avoid multiple Undo's.


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