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Site-Protection Server



Our institution has installed new Vectorworks 2019 software on our Macs, we have entered license details, but the software will not run. A dialogue box is asking for 'primary server' details. Our TS team say this is looking for a 'Site-Protection Server', which has yet to be set up on our network to allow these software to run. We have requested this to be set up.


According to Launching the Vectorworks Site Protection Server  info, 'The Vectorworks Site Protection Server machine requires a protection key (dongle)' I assume this is a dongle for Vectorworks software specifically?: Where are these dongles obtained? Is this dongle set up on a networked remote PC (that does not run Vectorworks) or a machine running Vectorworks (local Mac)?


Where can I find detailed instructions to set this system up to run Vectorworks 2019?


Thanks !

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 10.21.19.png

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Part of the steps to run a lab license is the Site protection server, which is the app that manages the Vectorworks license and either a dongle or maybe in your case an Activation code. You can download the site protection server installer HERE and the Activation code must in your confirmation email. If you do not have that information, please contact uktech@vectorworks.net 


I hope this helps.

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JuanP - Yes! I am now and running with 2019. Thanks so much.

The Site protection server is running on my machine, but we have some other users who will be installing and running VectorWorks on a site license. How does this work with other users, do they each install this software on their macs?

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So I have the Site Protection Server installed on our license server.  When right click the taskbar icon, go to control, click start.....the service will not start. 


If I try this in the localhost webpage, by going to "Activate License", click "begin license activation", enter site-activation.vectorworks.net, entered the isv that I got from system info, then entered the license activation key I received, clicked "Next", verified the license server hostid was correct and it was, left license count for floating licenses to 1, then clicked next, entered the path that I was the license file saved to, then clicked next, verified all the information was correct, then clicked "Request License"

I then get an error stating:

License Activation - License retrieved

error generating license: -1038

unencrypted activation requests not allowed

attempting to access license generator at: site-activation.vectorworks.net


Am I doing something wrong here?



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RLM Server Diagnostics at 06/11/2019 12:17


RLM version: 12.2BL2-p1

RLM platform: x86_w4

OS version: 6.2


ISV name: rlm

Hostname: ----

User: system

Work directory: c:\license managers\vectorworks\Vectorworks site protection server




HTTP_PROXY=<not set>



RLM_LICENSE=C:\ProgramData\Vectorworks Site Protection

RLM_NO_UNLIMIT=<not set>


RLM_PROJECT=<not set>

RLM_QUEUE=<not set>

RLM_ROAM=<not set>

RLMSTAT=<not set>

rlm_LICENSE=c:\programdata\vectorworks site protection


License files:

c:\Programdata\vectorworks site protection\license.lic

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Are you able to send the rlmdiag.txt file, from the web interface? Also, there is no need to use the "Activate License" from the web. The activation is done by the Site Protection Server app when you add the Activation code or license file. 

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On 5/24/2019 at 3:04 PM, JuanP said:

@designosaur the other users only need to install Vectorworks, using the serial# provided by our UK office.

Still having problems. I set up the 'site protection server' on my machine, so it works for me, but my other collegues cannot run 2019. Our institution has not set up 'site protection server' on a server or set this up to work for all of us.

Any ideas what we can do to get this working for all of us whilst we wait for 'site protection server' to be installed and set up on a server ?


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