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Position Summary / Minimum Circuits needed

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I'm trying to create a report - either in VW2019 or LW6 that lists minimum number of circuits per position. It seemed the "insert position summary" in VW would do this, I managed 

to do it for a position initially, but now all I get is "a script error occured - and the error output says there's a "right bracket expected" If I can format it in a way to position on the plot, I would do it with position summary - if it were working - or a report, or a LW report. What's the best way to do this? I only have channels assigned - no dimmers - trying to save the M.E. some time

by giving him a count for what they need for each position.

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Lightwright can do it, under Reports, choose "Minimum qty of circuits needed in each Position". If you want to put it on the VW drawing, either send it to the clipboard or send it to the Report window and then copy that window's contents, then paste into a text object in Vectorworks.

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This doesn't work - the report says "No circuits are needed, are dimmers assigned to your lights?" - I don't want to assign dimmers- Our space is basically dimmer

per circuit - I want to M.E. assign dimmers based on how many are needed for each position. 

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You're right - Lightwright calculates circuit needs based on the dimmer assigned to each light. With today's proliferation of LEDs, dimmer doubling, and other things that make it all complicated, it is usually more complicated than what you're looking for. No doubt Vectorworks has a better way of doing what you need, though I don't know how it calculates the circuit totals without dimmer numbers.


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