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show elements in sections and not in elevations

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When we have issues like this, a quick - but not beautiful fix, is to extract the surface and apply the surface texture. Then put this on a specific class which can be turned off everywhere except where the surface is visible. You also have to move the surface out from the wall a fraction. We find it works well for the occasional surface fix.

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So...I did an experiment, as much to clarify to myself how this works, as anything else.


Here I've got the surface of the wall as two different 'insulation' materials. You can see from the colouring.


But in the hidden-line elevation view, there is no line between them. This seems to be different from the result others are getting.


Maybe look at my attached file to see if things are set up differently.




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17 hours ago, line-weight said:


I think possibly they need to be aligned properly so that VW knows they should be 'stuck together' rather than just next to each other.


But I think you also need to tick the box 'merge structural objects with same fill' to get rid of the line in section.


(By the way I would change 'line style' of 'objects beyond fill plane' to 'use class' and then specify a class with a thinner lineweight that then one used to draw the section plane.)



'Merge structural objects with the same fill'!! that was it, solved....after all that. thank you so much @line-weight

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3 minutes ago, Phileas said:

@line-weight I solved My issue.


You were right, the solution is to vertically stack 2 walls with different styles and to make sure they are PERFECTLY aligned vertically.

The line then disappears.


Thanks to everyone for your help, I knew you guys had a solution to offer 🙂


Ok. Turns out that the difference in material type/class was a red herring.


In fact VW will 'stick' two wall objects together regardless of whether the surface components are the same.


I guess this creates the opposite problem, where you have two wall finishes that are on the same plane but different materials, where you actually want a line between them to indicate the material change, but VW will not draw this.

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