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Can I change a fixture type within Vision without re-exporting from Vectorworks? Or do I have to delete the fixture and add a new one?

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Bummer. I had to do a lot of fixture tweaking in Vision and didn't really want to re-export from VW. Maybe I'll try deleting it and adding a new fixture.


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We are very sorry for this and realized the missing feature not long ago. I'm trying to get it bumped up on the priority list. Hopefully using MVR makes things a little easier in the short term 😉 I assure you, this is something we'd like to get resolved sooner than later as it has caused a lot of users headache!

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Thanks. It's just frustrating. I had VW build me a profile for a PRG Best Boy GC to replace a standard Best Boy. I thought that it would be a simple swap. I've done a bunch of fixture adjustments in Vision, so I really don't want to have to re-export the drawing from VW. I may just delete the fixture and add in the proper one.


I also had an issue with Vision not showing the new profile even after you guys had uploaded it and I updated fixtures in Vision. I had to have him send me the wad file to get it incorporated. This happens on a Mac and a PC.

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