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Project Issue History/Worksheets


Our practice would really benefit from some additional functionality in the Project Issue History worksheet (and the other project revision history sheets etc.).


It has the beginnings of a very useful tool, but formatting it takes a long time, and there are barriers to easy editing and formatting to suit individual practices.


Annoying things like the most recent issues/revisions are put on the left rather than on the right as would be expected make this functionality only 'ok' as opposed to 'very good'. I know many practices would just stick to excel/google sheets etc. Including the current revision number/letter instead of the 'dot' would be a big help also, and give the reader more infomation more quickly than having an issue history sheet AND a revision history sheet.


Really poweful functionality like splitting the worksheet into multiple pages seems to be reserved only for creation through the Title Block Manager, which then precludes using custom graphics/company specific formatting (logos, phone numbers, email addresses etc.)


Formatting of worksheets could also be vastly improved with a simple tool bar at the top for basic things like text colour, merge cells and a list of formulas would be incredibly helpful!



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Furthermore, why can't worksheets just be edited in place, rather than having to double click and open the 'excel' part. It would be great if when you selected a worksheet you could just edit it there and then and a small toolbar of worksheet specific tools popped up.


This would really help with things like resizing a worksheet to fit onto a sheet layer - you could just snap the worksheet to the boundary.

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