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Nurbs Roadway

Ian M.


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I have had that happen before. Frightening😫. There are three (I think) toggle modes in the reshape. You need to make sure that the movement is constrained to the x and y axes. Better yet, and because of this, I stopped trying to make those sorts of adjustments by mouse action and instead type in the numbers I need. I even usually resort to going back a couple steps, to the original polyline (saved off to the side). Duplicate, make needed corrections in 2d, then re-create road. Then I go vertex  by vertex as needed to adjust grades. It's trial and error (at least for me) and sometimes takes three times to get it how I want it, but it's SO much better than old school by hand method. And once it's right, bob's your uncle.

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@CipesDesign since I have your attention...is there a way to select a station point then specify the desired grade for a specified number of station points?  I could measure the distance and calculate an elevation, then "Align stations vertically", but I was wondering if I could get Vectorworks to let me type in "8.33%"?

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