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How to retrieve detail level in PIO

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It appears to be ObjectVariableBoolean


Visible at XXX level of detail






So SetObjectVariableBoolean(Handle, 750, True) would make an object visible at high level of detail.


If you also set 751 and 752 then it would be visible at all three levels of detail.


GetObjecVariableBoolean(Handle,750) should return the if the object referenced by Handle displays at High detail level.

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A couple of things to note:


1. You need to set the 3 levels of detail for each object as there is no assumption that if an object is visible at one level, it will automatically be visible at another.


2. If the PIO contains groups, you need to set the detail level for each object within the group as setting it for the group itself will have no effect.

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thank you both for the quick answer.

Maybe my question was not very clear (English is not my mother language). What I was trying to ask, in fact, is how to implement inside the code of a PIO, to redraw itself according to the layer or viewport detail level.

I program my custom door and wardrobe objects and I would like to get them displayed according to the detail level of the viewport or scale of te parent layer.



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I think you have to set the three object variables for each item that you wish to be controlled by the detail level.


So for an object that will show in Low, Medium, and High Detail, you would need to set all three (750,751,752) all to true.


For an object to display only at Low, you would set 752 to True and 750, 751 to False.


For an object to display only at High you would set 750 to True and 751, 572 to False.


Try this on a simple object and see if it does what you expect.

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