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Site Model showing as an "endless tube"

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I have some 3D Polys as source data, from which I want to create a site model.



I made sure there are no mistakes like intersecting 3D polys in the geometry, and set everything to be at the real height (roughly 600m above sea level), because I later want all the height indicators to show the real height above the sea level when I'll be making elevation VPs since that's how our office works.


However, when I then create a site model from the data, I get this kind of object:



I made sure the issue is not layers' height not corresponding to the height of the site model

You can check as I will add the file with the base geometry: there are no objects far below the base geometry, so I don't know what might be causing this.


Anyone can help me out? this endless tube is just annoying... I'd like to have later height cotations to show 600m above see level, but without have that endless tube object. Is that possible?


CRA_EXE_50 Site Model.vwx

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It looks like there is a bug with stories causing an issue here.  As a workaround until its fixed, you can set the story for the terrain layer to none, recreate the site model, then change the change the story back on the terrain layer.  Hope this helps...

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Inserting the site model into a new file is going to cause this to happen again, because the site model effectively gets rebuilt as part of the process.  Just make sure whatever design layer you place it into does not have a story assigned to it.  After the site model has been inserted, then you can go back in and re-assign a story to the design layer.  Hope this helps...

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