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Exporting DWGs



I would like to have an option where VW appends a prefix- or -suffix to classes at export.
We export DWG to coordinate with consultants. Since they don't have a Class/Layer setup, things get very complicated very fast.


For walls on the in VW are on

Class: A-Wall

& Layer: 1st Floor Plan or 2nd Floor Plan


In AutoCAD that wall would end up on:

Layer: A-Wall (stacked on top of each other)


I would prefer to append the AutoCAD so the walls end up on:

Layer: A-Wall-1st Floor Plan

Layer: A-Wall-2nd Floor Plan


or some version of that. And the same for Plumbing fixtures & Doors & Windows, etc.


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That is a very good idea.

I also stumble over ACAD not offering Layer+Classes.


Recently I really went from common VW-Class => Layer

to a VW-Layer => ACAD Layer and skip Classes completely.

Depends on what your project needs and can work well for

BIM (in Bricscad)


If Layer/Classes separation is really important, the way to go would be :

VW-Classes => ACAD Layer + each VW Layer as separate File option.


But referencing separate Files may give XREF-Layer Duplicate chaos

in ACAD anyway.

So an Export Option by combining VW Classes and Layers in

a ACAD Layer naming scheme would be very welcome.

Like :

ACAD Layer : "VW-LayerName_VW-ClassName"

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