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Skylights At Apex

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MJW - you can.

If you have used the Create Roof routine you can create a hole in the apex of the roof by the following method:

- Go to Top / Plan View

- Draw a 2D polygon in the location where you want the skylight hole.

- Select the 2D polygon and Cut it from the drawing.

- Select the Roof Object and choose Organise / Edit Group. This will take you into the roof group.

- Paste in place the 2D polygon and then Exit the group

If you then switch into a 3D view you will find a hole has been created in the apex of your roof as you require. You can then model up the skylight as you want it and place it in the correct location.

NOTE - do not double click on the Roof Object to edit the group as this will take you to the Edit Roof Settings dialog box - this is not where you want to go.

You can form holes in any portion of the roof using this method - it will even form a hole at the junction of two hips and the ridge. Even works with circles!

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This is the cool thing I really like about VWorks as it lets you do 2d editing of such an object and it effects it in 3d.

Once you get used to it Michael it becomes a very powerful thing .

Wait until you break up the roof object by ungrouping into roof planes and do really abstract stuff like funky cutouts for pergolas and bastard hips (new zealand trade term). and also circles as Mike has indicated.

This is handy also for roofs with different bearing heights.

If you really want to get a handle on it, Jonathans Manuals will put you in top gear in this regard it worked for me.

Regards Brendan

(hey Jonathan can you send me two pens this year as my kickback )

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Originally posted by michael john williams:

Pity it can not be done, as rooflights both sides of the ridge line are very popular.

I have a project right now with the skylight very close to the ridge. Have you tried to move it with the dialog box as I suggested?

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You should be able to have half of your skylight protruding beyond either the top or bottom edge of the roof if you so choose. One possibility that comes to mind is the location of the insertion point in your skylight; perhaps adjusting this (moving it to the center if it isn't already?) will do it.

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