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creating and arched wall, looking for speed tips

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I'm attempting to draw and render several arched corrugated walls for a stage design. I should note these aren't just corrugated plastic walls, but strips of plastic printed to spec and then assembled. Currently I'm achieving this by creating walls with the wall tool of the correct length and max arch height and then extruding a 3D solid to match the arch size I want to create. I am now subtracting each wall 1 by 1 (38 per arch) from that solid. It's time consuming, but getting the job done.


Just wondering if anyone has a quicker way of doing this. Maybe, breaking the wall and turning it into a single solid somehow? I have to have the corrugated shape and not just a texture for light rendering purposes in the drawing so cant just draw a rectangle and throw the texture in. Any tips or thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

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So - I assume you are modeling the strips separate and then "mounting" them to the wall and then doing your solid subtraction, right?


If you draw all your strips in 2d and then select them all and extrude - you will get all the strips as one object - you can then solid subtract your negative space from all in one go.




If you have all your strips modeled already - you should be able to ADD SOLID them into one object and then solid subract your negative shape in one go.


Is this what you mean? - if not, we might need a visual for reference.



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