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Ubstracting solid shapes from site models?

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Hey guys I have a question:


I need to insert some drainage pipes into my site model, next to the bottom end of the burried walls of the basement of a project.


These drains would be next to the pad site modifier for my basement, and are supposed to be completely covered with soil, which is why I'd like to simply cut out the shape of the drain pipe from the terrain kind of like solid substractions would work, so I can insert them easily inside the terrain and have them show up completely burried in future section viewports.


I tried solid substracting shapes from my site model object, and quickly noticed that this doesn't work.


I then thought I could simply make a pad modifier for the drainage pipes, insert the pipes, and then cover them up with an extrude that would have the same fill as the site model, hoping VW would automatically merge the objects with the same fill in section VPs. Doesn't work either.


I don't have VW Landscape and no possibility to upgrade to get it, and have no Idea how to solve this.


Anybody can help?

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One way is to lay your pipe and ignore the dig:

Extrude a ring and white circle to represent the pipe wall & pipe cavity.

In cross-section select Use Attributes of Original Objects to show them appropriately.


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@bcd so simply placing it inside the terrain without "digging" out a hole for it?


I tried that, the problem is that in my office we have a specific hatch for the terrain, and your technique worked just fine as long as I didn't give the terrain a hatch, but as soon as I applied it the hatch of the terrain then overwrote the appearance of my drain symbol...

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Is the drain in a different class to the terrain/Site Model?

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@bcd yes it is. Is that the Problem? I'll check that out.


Here are pics of what I get now:


When I edit objects in the VP:


(just as I want it)


When I exi edit mode:



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@bcd UPDATE:


setting both to be on the same layer was the trick!! now it show exactly like I want it to be 🙂


thanks mate 🙂

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