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Using LED striplights in Plot & Model View

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Hi there


Im having issues when trying to attach LED striplights to vertical trusses. When activating the model layer (which VW creates to show vertical trusses/booms in a 3D space) - I cant get the LED strips to show as being rigged vertically on the truss - they default to being at right angles to the truss. When I alter the "Set 3D Orientation" settings in the OIP - I still cant get them to rig vertically on the vertical truss. I can do this in the Definition Layer - no problems. But, I want to be able to show these in a Plan View w/ labels for the LX Plot and a 3D View for renders.


Heres my process:


  1. Draw in a truss using the Spotlight truss tool
  2. Convert to Hanging Position
  3. Insert the lighting symbol (LED Strip) onto the Hanging Position, ensuring its inserted on the same layer and that it snaps to the position
  4. Select both lighting symbol & truss, then execute the Plot & Model View command
  5. Select the "Vertical" checkbox and create a new Definition & Model Layers
  6. After I execute the command, when I show ONLY the Model Layer - the truss is shown in vertical orientation but the LED strips are attached at right-angles to the truss. In the Definition layer, when viewing via an isometric view - the LED strip shows as being positioned in the same direction as the truss. I cant seem to correct this using the lighting symbols "Set 3D Orientation" settings. 


Can anyone shed some light on this? Plot & Model View always seems clunky to me - but I can at least get it to work for conventional fittings. Is there a simpler work-around to show the LX plot AND 3D renders without doubling-up lighting symbols?





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You should not have to make any adjustments to using the Set #3D Orientation is you are just trying to place a striplight on a vertical boom. Here is a quick sample of what I think you are trying to accomplish.


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Hi Klinzey


Cheers for your response. Im wondering if its a symbol issue? I used the same symbol as you did - and it worked perfectly. I tried another two and I get the same problem - with the process being exactly the same. Check-out the attached file - if you dont mind.



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Could it have anything to do with the default focus angle in Spotlight Preferences?  Just spit-balling. 

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Hi scottmoore. I tried this - but to no avail.


Its really odd - the lights can line-up perfectly in the Definition Layer - but spin around to right angles in the DLVPs on the Model layer. Some symbols dont do this and behave exactly as you expect. No amount of meddling in the Definition Layer seems to fix it. Would love to know why this is.


Alternatively - is there another way to do this - for LX plot AND renders without doubling-up on lighting symbols?




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15 hours ago, scottmoore said:

I use Design Layer viewports as, to me, I can utilize that seamlessly in my workflow. 


Brilliant - do you viewport each boom or vertical truss for 3D renders - or show the viewports for the LX plots? Or neither?

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Actually both. I set my template file up with ten pre-made design layers specifically for DLVPs. Each design layer already has a viewport created on the primary design layer and classed accordingly. All I do is draw the structure, lights and what have you in the appropriate design layer, go back to my primary design layer, turn on the class and rotate into position. I often create additional VPs for sheet layers to accommodate printing. The goal is to always have a clean plan view print for the shop. 

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