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length of record fields in custom title blocks

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Until 2017, one could get a multi-line field generated for titleblocks by appending # to its name.  Deleting the # sign turned it back to a single-line field.  


Now though, my fields seem to be a mix, with most of my custom ones being multi-line (but not all of them!) and this prevents me from simply tabbing through to the next field.  Frustrating.


How do I turn these fields back to single-line fields?  Anybody know?  Help and scouring the forum has been no use thus far.


Cris w/ no H

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I suggest making it a high priority.  The TB Manager has only so much space, so now we have to arrow through pages to get to fields.  Very inconvenient, and being able to winnow these multi-line fields down to single-line fields would be eminently helpful.


And, of course, the TB Manager could use a GUI makeover.  Srsly.

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