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11.5 slowness issue

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Hi All,

My systme was also brutally slow until I turned off the Hardware Acclerated 2D Navigation and Vectorworks Caching under Vectorworks Preferences, Display.


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I have also noticed that. I thought Hardware Accelerated 2D Navigation and Vectorworks Caching were supposed to make the drawing process faster, but everytime I check them in Preferences, after some minutes Vectorworks slows down and I have to quit and reopen the program. This doesn't happen if both options are unchecked.

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Andy M.

I too have noticed and posted about screen flashing when trying to select dimensions, callouts etc. It was prevelant prior to 11.5 and it's still there. I was told to look at the video card but my video card is the latest with the latest drivers. Why can't NNA dulpicate all the aforementioned problems?? If they can they should at least inform us of the fact.

I too have a monster for a system and the 3D rendering we do in Rhino far exceeds anything that VW is capapble of producing and it runs like clockwork as fast as can be.

I second the above comment...'Unbelievable'

Tom in PA


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11.5.1 users -

Do you folks have this option checked?

I've totally held off on going to 11.5, because of all the troubles users are having. But the View Manager plug is something I am dying to use - it would save so much time - and it only runs on 11.5.

But certainly not worth the risk of the bugs so many people are experiencing.

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I checked out this board after upgrading to 11.5.1 this week. I too experience the same speed issues described in the first post on the topic. I am running on windows XP on an athlon amd procssor, new mother board, and and older but clean hard drive w/ 1 G ram. I am totally frustrated by any comand using the control key, ctrl + m, ctrl + z, ctrl + b, all of which i use ALL THE TIME, using these causes delays of up to 30 seconds. Funny, the commands I first started using to increase my speed and productivity, are now slowing me down. (btw i am not on a dell) so I read all the threads here, and sent 2 e mails to tech support. I got a reply today from tech support guy dave:

Currently the 64-bit Windows OS is not officially supported by VectorWorks.

VW 11 is not optimized for the 64 bit processor. Although VectorWorks 11.5

may run on the 64-bit OS it is not recommended. Microsoft's Web site says

that "Windows on Windows 64 is a 32-bit Windows subsystem that allows you to

run 32 bit applications on 64-bit Windows. Because 32-bit applications run

in an emulation mode, Microsoft recommends running 32-bit applications on

32-bit hardware for optimal performance." Currently the 64-bit Windows OS

is not officially supported by VectorWorks.

I dont get all the technical mumbo jumbo- I'm and architect, not the tech person. But this seems completely absurd to me. Also, are thoes of you who experience pouring of mollasses in winter when trying to use control key commands running a 64 bit system? sorry for the lengthy post.

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I am using VW 11.5.1 on a system with AMD Athlon 64 and Windows XP 32 bit and I have no issues with speed. Everything is fast.

It's not just VW, Windows XP 64 will take a while to get support from applications and hardware. 32 bit Windows XP is fine on a 64 bit chip.

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Forgive my ignorance in regards to the 64 /32 bit thing.

I dont know how the tech support guy would even know which version of XP i am running (32 or 64 bit) or how he determined my AMD Athlon was a 64 bit, Because I didn't even know. So I asked the guy who built my machine, and he said I definitly do not have 64 bit anything, everything is 32 bit. So there is still no explination for the lag time when using ctrl key comands. Although- I installed service pack 2 today, and that may have helped. It seems it did, but too early to tell. (quick tests provided good results, but in time, who knows if the stability will decrease)

I see you have SP2, Ray, and perhaps this was in fact my problem, as you dont seem to have any. If not, I move on to the graphics card....perhaps.


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SP2 won't help your speed problems. Check to see you have the latest drivers for your graphics card. This is a tough issue to troubleshoot on a message board, if I had the problems you are having I would probably do a fresh install of Window XP. I reinstall about every 6-8 months, and I am due for one now if I could find the time!

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1) Where is the 'official' response to this thread?

2) My problems appear to be with files containing curved polylines, and/or/especially 3D extrusions of polylines. (BTW, most files have these as vital sitework compoments.)

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Long ago I put active drawings on the desktop. Then saved them to the server at day's end.

Run everything locally for optimum speed, but note that for network functions, like opening and saving, there is a different slowness issue. The app is local anyway.

There are those who use workgroup referencing. This requires network-related access and storage.

Sorry for the verbage, but the slowness issue appears to be application-related, not network-related.

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Thanks for your input.

Service Pack 2 actually did help with the laging when using ctrl. commands.

I do still experience some, but not as much, nor as severe. My system is brand new, and XP was just installed with in the last 2 months, but I have not used this computer untill finally making the VW11 upgrade. Tech support suggested I un & re install VW. I will try that when time allows. Although I must say, after all the time spent with this upgrade...is it really worth it?

Appologies if I am using this board improperly

("where is the official response to this thread")

Thanks again-

Julie Templeton

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To bring this back up again, I just did a speed test in another thread. I thought I would post the results here as well:

Here is a very interesting test I just completed.

First of all I have 2 machines:

1. G5, Dual 1.8G, 2G RAM. OSX 10.4, VW 11.1

2. G5, Dual 2.5G, 2.5G RAM, OSX 10.4, VW 11.5

Both machines are completely updated and are running only Vectorworks.

The test consisted of updating a viewport in a drawing. Same file, same viewport. Now, looking at the machines, you would expect that machine #2 should kick Machine #1 pretty badly...

Well, here are the results.

Update Viewport on #1 with 11.1: 5:36

Update Viewport on #2 with 11.5: 6:56

The slower machine running less RAM on 11.1 is a whole 1 minute, 20 seconds quicker than machine #2, which should be far more capable.


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I just updated to 11.5.1 (OSX/Tiger on a G5 dual 2G) and it's like molasses. I can't do a flyover of a rendered drawing (open GL) -- it stops to render every time I move the cursor! The Object Info box loses the X-Y-Z coordinated whenever you go to certain kinds of 3D objects, which is just absurdly stupid. And I am having problems with corrupted files -- just lost a good 20 hours of work because the backupautosave, which was set, wasn't saving!).

Do I have to go learn Solidworks? I'd rather stick here with VW, but this upgrade is a serious disaster. Slow and buggy.

Another bug -- many objects disappear when rendering -- this is just ridiculous.

Jeff Kreines


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