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Ok VW 2019 to Vision 2019. Spent 5 hours testerday - 1 of it with a guy at Vision ( who wasn't able to figure it out) trying to get this to work - Anyone help? I imported the plot to Vision. The patch in my Nomad ( opened up to max addresses) is identical to the plot. I have all my first universe units responding in Vision when I call up their channels, all conventional fixtures - but they don't show the color that the instrument has assigned to it.
AND - I cannot get any of my second universe units - ETC S4 Lustr 2s and Martin Quantum Profiles to respond. They show up in the patch window of Vision and are not red. The column on the right side of the parch window shows universe 2 all green. Fixture IDs are all correct.
When I import the plot I can see my movers go thru their start up moves


Today - Spent over another hour with Vision tech still no joy. My conventionals still will not show color, even thought color is correct  in VW "Edit".  I moved one of the movers into universe 1 and it worked

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What Version of Vision do you have, depending on which version you bought you may only have 1 controllable DMX universe (student or basic). This would explain the patch behavior you are experiencing.

As for color ( i asume you are talking about gels) you will need to manually set these inside of Vision. Spotlight and Vision currently use different formats for the symbols. The color field in the Spotlight lighting instrument is only for documentation and does not transfer to Vision.

To assign a color to a generic/conventional fixture

First select it in the scene graph (you can multi select fixtures)

then in the properties window open the color wheels tab, select color wheel 1 and click on assign

this will open a dialogue box allowing you to either pick a specific gel to assign to the fixture or manually select a color to assign.



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I have VW 2019 SP3  & vision 2019   My vision license is a Professional V

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The color thing is something I would think VW and Vision would have solved by now. The space I am working in - the TD has all the down light fixtures (60 units) all numbered and patched 1-1 sequentially on the electrics, so I have 15 Altman pars - N/C, no problem, but It have 45 S4 Pars 1/2 of which are R21 and the other 1/2 R80. since they show in Vision as 80,81,82,84,86,89,90,92, etc. and based on what you say I have to do - I have to go back into the plot and copy down all the numbers for each color, then go back to vision to enter them 😞

BUT the bigger issue is that after doing this - If make changes to the plot and re-send it to Vision I will have to do it all over again??, as I don't see any way to update only what is new  information being sent into Vision ??

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Just to clarify there are 3 versions of Vision currently available

Professional Vision which is limited to only 1 DMX universe,

Professional Vision Plus which has 4 DMX universes


Professional Vision Unlimited with unlimited DMX universes

If your license is for the plus or unlimited version please contact US tech support and have them check that you have been assigned the correct license type, as the behavior that you are reporting indicates that your copy of Vision is limited to a single license


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Ok Will do


I went back and re-channeled all the S4-PARs so they are in order Ch 300-318 R21 & Ch 400-419 R80  So I re-sent the plot to Vision and selected all the R21 unit channel numbers, go into the color wheel and select R21 , but none of the units will change color. I can only get color to change  by selecting one unit at a time?? I even tried setting both color wheels to R21 -  didn't work.

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I thought maybe I could help out by recording a video demonstrating the workflow of how to set colors on conventionals in VW and how you can send them over to Vision via ESC. When following this workflow, you do not need to worry about making changes to the plot in VW and re-sending it to Vision. So no worries there!!


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