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bob cleaver

advice on creating new plants

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Has someone a workflow for saving a new plant and having it as part of the VW plant database ?

I have created several new plants and when asked about saving the plant I quickly click on save and for no good reason, I label them 'test'

Now I have many text files with plant info and they are in my application support folder in my HD library labeled 'test' with a number (see screen shot)


Navigating the dialog box for saving the plant is the key - I assume 

The help manual does not appear to guide this solution 

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 11.19.28 AM.png

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Bob, I like to generate a file called "Dump File" this is a great place to set all symbols you create till you have a better time to clean them up. If you are using Workgroup Folders then create one there or create the file and save as a Favorite. This will give you rapid access to everything in your Resource Manager.

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Thank you Bryan for sharing

I like your dispatching newly developed items to a place to get access to them 

Are you organized enough to place new plants into the VW plant database when you create them ?

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Posted (edited)


I haven't been involved in planting plans much since we got Vwx 2019, but I always used to create the plant in the plant database in the first place, then assign that definition to a symbol. Then it's automatically in the database. I thought Vwx 2019 had a better system though, and would auto-update each from the other, shame if that's not the case!


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yes you can set VW to update the database with plant style changes. This is done when going to Landmark>Choose Plant Data Source. This will allow for a two way street between the plant dialog window and the Database. As for plant symbol creation you can create a plant symbol and leave it blank (no data attached) if you choose. You can then chose the symbol in the Resource Manager and Edit Style at that point you can add the data. Of course you can add the data at creation of the symbol. Key takeaway here is find what works for you in your process. If creating an image or graphic is your mindset at that moment just do that and continue with your design. VW is great at letting you go back later to do the details. Keep in mind work hard but have fun with it! 🙂

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