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Imported files not rendering the Roofs properly

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Hi all,


When i'm creating a new file to use as a site plan and import the house file to the site plan, the roofs are never rendered properly this is happening since Vw 2018, i have submitted several reports but still no one knows how to fix this, does this happens to anyone else ?

To mention that i've checked classes which are turned on but still doesn't render, saved, closed the file, opened the file again still the same. 


EDIT: Forgot to mention that the render is being done by component and not by object



Plot file.jpg

Site Plan.jpg

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Also, can you explain exactly how you are "importing" the house model? File to file copy and paste? Referencing? Other?

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54 minutes ago, Diego-Resuelvectorworks said:

Hi, are you copying the house model like a group? 


No, i'm importing them as two separate viewports, The issue i believe is in the way the render is done on the main file, if i change the render style from Component to Object  the roof will appear so it seams, but i'm supposing that it shouldn't happen like this as both options should render properly, in vw2018 was much worse as neither options would work. 

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