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Viewport doesn't show all elements



I'm creating a viewport from a clip cube, the model has other viewports created by reference files.. 

As you can see in the picture the viewport only shows part of the model, even if the crop includes all the model. 

I've also tried to create horizontal viewport but the result is the same.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-09 at 11.27.32 AM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-09 at 11.27.54 AM.jpeg

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Guest Alex Sagatov

@chrispolo Not being familiar with the file, I am having a hard time telling exactly what is happening in the screenshots.


If I send you an upload link, can you send me a copy of the files?

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@ASagatovVW Hey, I've tried the solution you gave me but with no result actually the program is going worst because when I try to create the viewport it freezes and then my laptop goes freeze too. This looks very strange. I'll try to create a new file and then add reference files to see if it works. 😥

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Guest Alex Sagatov

@chrispolo In case anyone else is running into this, we just tried a preference reset for Vectorworks as it appears to work okay on my end.


In the instructions I sent over, we renamed the 2019 folder to 2019old. If you have Vectorworks closed, you can delete the new 2019 folder it created and rename 2019old back to 2019. This will allow you to bring back your old preference settings.


Let me know if it is working for you in a new file or not.

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Nothing works, I resign 😞 it's really sad for me I've spent a lot of time in this it's my graduation project and now the program is slowing me down even more. Really bad experience with Vectorworks 2019 even thru modeling I've experienced constant crashing but this was not expected.. I'll try to export the model to get it done in another program. 

@ASagatovVW Thank you for your time!

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Guest Alex Sagatov



If you are still running into this, my next step would be reinstalling the application. As I mentioned, I am able to recreate these viewports on my end without any issues as far as I can tell. Feel free to message me if you are still running into problems and I can see what else we can try.

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Hello Alex,

I still having problem with this file, I've referenced files again in a new base file, the viewport crop is good the problem now is the rendering, when I update the viewport the program freezes after a while and then my pc go freeze too and I have to hard shut down, this has happened several times. I have already reinstalled Vectorworks 2019 but everything looks the same.

How is this possible nobody knows how to solve this???

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Guest Alex Sagatov

@chrispoloI've continued digging around in your file. I glad the initial issue with the cropping seems to have stopped.


Looking at your signature, I notice your machine has 8GB which may be causing the hang up you are now seeing; however, I personally don't think upgrading is the correct action here.


Simply rendering the file one time in Hidden Line is causing a spike to around 14GB on my machine in terms of memory usage.


After some narrowing down, it appears most of this is coming from some complex meshes that are being referenced into the file 10+ times:


Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 9.59.06 AM.png


In the reference viewports, I would recommend turning off the Furniture and Equipment classes as it appears that is where these meshes live. In the hidden line renderings, it doesn't appear we can see these meshes anyway.


Also on the Design Layer, I would turn off the 2D Image props for the people. Most of these are 600+ vertices and 2D being propped up in 3D.


It might be because I am missing a few references, but a number of reference viewports were really really far from the origin / other objects as well.


After making the three above adjustments, my memory spike when rendering dropped from ~14GB to ~8GB (once the rendering itself completes, it then drops to around 3GB).


Hidden line is a pretty demanding render mode in Vectorworks. I'm not sure it will work in your case as it will provide slightly different results, but I normally try using OpenGL with the below settings whenever possible. OpenGL is much faster, works with our graphics module / VGM, and you can work in the render mode if needed. (Very high is probably overkill. Medium or high tend to be fine)


Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 10.05.55 AM.png


Hidden Line Viewport:


Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 10.11.21 AM.png


OpenGL Viewport (no other adjustments made - things like the dashed red line might be better used in annotations in this workflow if needed):


Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 10.11.13 AM.png


In regards to the Hidden Line, we could continue turning off objects found inside of the buildings since they can't be seen in most hidden line views anyway. I would also try eliminating any text or planar objects from the rendering as these can also slow hidden line as it tries rendering them out.

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Hello, Alex

Thanks for your advice have been a great help for me, I have updated my RAM memory to 16 GB since the requirements for this project are 16-32GB. Now I can work better, I have been able to create a 2 viewport in 1, the first a Section viewport in OpenGL for the buildings cut, and the 2nd for the environment in 2D plan view. The only issue a see now is the reference files may lose quality maybe because they also have other viewports attached, or for the scale.

Here I sent the master plan.





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