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Is Export HDRI Image broken?


I'm running VW 2019 with Renderworks- I'm trying to export a rendering to an HDRI file. The rendering mode is set to "Final Quality Renderworks", but VW still reports "This feature requires Fast, Final or Custom Renderworks. Set the view to one of these rendering modes to enable this feature."


Is there a trick I am missing?


Thank you,


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hm. but it is working for me here.

i just exported an 120mb (file size) rendering with alpha channel.

did you try to export a design layer rendering or a sheet layer rendering?

i guess it only works with design layers...

Bildschirmfoto 2019-05-10 um 10.14.55.png

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Sheet layer rendering doesn't work - I'm curious, do you always render from the Design Layer? So much of my workflow depends on being able to re-render the exact same image as things change - I'm not sure how I would do it without the control of the Sheet Layer. HDR images (in other renderers) are nice because you have a bit more latitude to tweak exposure...

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true- that is not very handy.

usually i render viewports on sheet layers and export this as tiff uncompressed

i didn´t hdr from this side too. i only came along this because of your post.


but i assume that this is a bug. does not make sense to render designlayers to get hdr out of vectorworks

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