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Web Link Tool...?!

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I'd like to quickly easily be able to add weblinks (which can be easily turned on and off) to any object within Vectorworks so that I can easily cross reference to Products/ finishes/ Materials. Ideally, it would be a box visible on the 'object info./ shape palette'. Ideally, it would be integral to VW interface rather than having to add it as'record' for every item?!


Anyone else think this would be useful?

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Yes to both.


Hyperlink function is ok for some things but in OIP as Markdd suggests...similar function to Hyperlink (possibly even simpler) to keep info. off drawing. So for example, if I have a product in mind and can't get a 3d asset for it, and haven't time to draw it I can add a link (maybe more accurate to call it a 'book mark') into OIP without the need to control the

location of a load of text over my drawings, for example....



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