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Visibility Tool: "toggle" function?

Jeff B


I've come to really love the Visibility Tool (thanks Don Ward for putting me onto it!), but I find it a little "click-heavy."  I wish there were a "toggle" mode - perhaps an option that could be set in the "wrench and pencil" option area of the tool?


Logically, it seems natural that if I'm using the tool and I click on an object that's visible, I want to make it invisible, and vice versa.  So to have to run the mouse up to the toolbar (or use the "I" key) to switch modes from Visible to Invisible to Grey - after already having to use the "U" key (or run up to the menu bar) to tell it Classes or Layers, can get to be an lot of clicks especially if I'm trying to change a lot of visibilities in quick succession.


I'd like to see, in the wrench-and-pencil options area, buttons that would let me select "Toggle: Visible-Invisible" and "Toggle: Visible-Grey-Invisible."  Clicking an object would take to it to the "other" state if the first of those buttons were clicked, to the "next" state if the second.


Also maybe I'm just not using the tool correctly but it seems if you press and hold the "V" key while you're in, say, the Classes mode of the tool, it won't show objects that are in Layers that are turned off, is that correct?  I find I sometimes have to switch back and forth between Class and Layer mode to find invisible objects.  I wish it were either default behavior, or an option, that pressing and holding "V" would show all objects regardless of *either* their layer or class visibility setting in the document.  (Probably having this as an option rather than default would be best, as I think about it.)


Thanks for reading,




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