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Jim Smith

Make all PIO's work like other PIO's


I would like to have a bit of consistency & visual navigation. Take the Slab PIO for example. As slabs are never as neat as bounded consistently by walls, & using the poly tool is rarely accurate, I'd like to be able to create a slab from a polygon, not use the poly tool in the slab. Just like a roof. I'd also like it to constrain to other objects in elevation. 


So can we not make all the PIO's to work more or less like every other PIO



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I agree with the problem/issue of consistency in the VW tools.  For instance, slabs can be reshaped directly using the reshape tool.  Floors, on the other hand,  need to be reshaped by double-clicking into them.  (And yes, even though they are legacy, floors are useful for certain tasks like making countertops and other stuff. )


Turning to your question.  Hopefully, I am not misreading something, but can't you create a slab from a poly under the AEC menu, "Create Objects from Shapes"?



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Thanks,@cberg  I did forget that avenue. What I end up doing is quickly creating a shape then use the polygon that I've created to edit the slab.

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