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extrusions won't modify in VW11.5

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Since updating to VW11.5, none of my previously created extrusions can be modified using the object Info Pallette. If I change the parameters they snap back to the previous number once I press enter. I have checked several files with the same result. Extrusions created in 11.5 work OK. This is a huge problem for me!

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Adam, thanks, yes I did have a look at previous posts. I didn't find anything when I looked first (it's a pity there isn't some kind of search engine on this forum). I've looked again and found a post 17 March, with a sugestion to reset preferences. I did this and all it did was ... reset my preferences. It's worse than a big pain, it makes v11.5 nearly unusable for me. It's a fundamental flaw. Maybe I should try to reinstall v11.01.

islandmon, thanks, but there are no plug-ins involved in the problem, just simple extrusions. I can't see how they would make a difference.

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The only way to modify these extrusions it to double click them (edit group) and edit the 2d shape that created the extrusion. This is a complete inconvenience. I am hoping that the good things in 11.5 will outway this very bad thing. Should be fixed by next update?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

A temporary fix is to run the following script when the problem extrude is selected:





h := FInGroup(FSActLayer);



h := NextObj(h);




Make it a plug-in menu command and you can assign it a keyboard shortcut. It probably will have to be run on any extrude after you Edit Group and Exit Group on it.

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