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VW2019 SP3.1 lagging and occasionally freezing on windows 10

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Hi Guys,


Anyone else experiencing issues with SP3.1 update on W10? Basic functions are taking incredibly long to execute. for example, The softgoods tool freezes VW temporarily for about 5min every time I use the tool. Extremely frustrating.

Importing 3ds files are also taking forever to execute and sometimes crashes VW. I didn't have this issue with SP3.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Guest Paulo Ferrari

@Oliver Hauser

Did you try reconfigure your Vectorworks 2019 in Nvidia Control Panel?

I think that it's some problem that you have with graphics drivers in this notebook.


In Windows 10, has a Nvidia Control panel, that you configure (fit) your Nvidia GTX 150ti to works fine with Vectorworks 2019. Follows this options that I commented.

Preferred Graphics Processor                                                  High-performance NVIDIA processor

Ambient Occlusion                                                                      Off

Anisotropic Filtering                                                                    Off

Antialiasing - FXAA                                                                      Off

Antialiasing - Mode                                                                      Application Controlled

Antialiasing - Setting                                                                    Application Controlled

Antialiasing - Transparency                                                        8x

CUDA - GPUs                                                                                 All

Maximum Pre-rendered Frames                                                Use 3D Application Setting

Multi-display/mixed-GPU Acceleration                                    Single Display Performance

Power Management Mode                                                         Prefer Maximum Performance

Texture Filtering - Anisotropic Sample Optimization             Off

Texture Filtering - Negative LOD Bias                                       Clamp

Texture Filtering - Quality                                                            Performance

Texture Filtering - Trilinear Optimization                                  On

Threaded Optimization                                                               On

Triple Buffering                                                                             Off

Vertical Sync                                                                                  On



This documentation it's Old, but works yet (It's be possible that some options, isn't available anymore)



Paulo Renan Ferrari

Edited by Paulo Ferrari
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Guest Paulo Ferrari

@beanus Hi, how are you? Yes it's works with Quadro K1200. Too. In you case, only this configs. Just like I said, This documentation it's Old, but works yet (It's be possible that some options, isn't available anymore)


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@Paulo Ferrari Video Card settings have been something of a mystery to me.  I draw 2D stick-figure drawings mostly, but lots of them.  I start by importing .dwg files of unknown provenance from hotels and convention centers, and then lay in Audio-Visual stuff and lots and lots of table and chair symbols.  So while I don't get into 3D work or renders or anything of a high degree of difficulty, I can totally choke even the rocket-powered laptops I have to buy.


After installing VWX 2019 SP3, I could crash my computer simply by selecting a bunch of symbols and using the Shift/Arrow nudge tool.  Or the Drape tool, or the Video Projector tool.  Troubleshooting was a challenge because I use a second monitor via USB-C where I like to put my palettes; I usually have Office applications open at the same time; and very often objects from .dwg files import weirdly to VWX; grouped 2D objects interpreted as faulty 3D symbols with no Z-axis values; stuff like that.  The GPU is doing a lot of unnecessary math.


Your suggested settings made a huge difference after a restart.  Thanks again, and next time I set up a computer, or the next VWX update, I'll definitely ask your advice again.

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Guest Paulo Ferrari

@Matt Hunt Ok Matt, pls send me a private message with the link to your topic (When you ask for some advice to set up a new computer).


About Symbols, Can you send to me some Symbols that you generated? I will analyze them, and give you some advices about performance, if I will have.


Paulo Renan Ferrari

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On 6/14/2019 at 3:37 PM, Paulo Ferrari said:

@beanus Hi, how are you? Yes it's works with Quadro K1200. Too. In you case, only this configs. Just like I said, This documentation it's Old, but works yet (It's be possible that some options, isn't available anymore)


Hi Paulo, I've set the graphic card settings to what you suggest but doesn't seem to make much of a difference, in fact when rendering views in sheet layers the graphics card doesn't seem to be doing a lot, its the CPU and RAM that's doing all the work, any other suggestions? I have installed the latest update, computer spec below.



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Guest Paulo Ferrari

@beanus Hi, Good Morning. Beanus, In this case (Rendering views in Sheet Layers) the Vectorworks uses only the CPU (i7-7770K) to process the rendering. 

As higher the result is in this test (CineBench) the better is the rendering time. Nowadays the best CPU to rendering it is AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX



Best Regards

Paulo Renan Ferrari

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Hi Paulo, just been rendering a drawing in the design layers and it still seems like the graphics card still does very little its still the CPU thats doing all the work, have I missed a setting somewhere, also my motherboard has a built in graphics card but this doesn't show up in the device manager or in Nvidia manager, should I see both graphics cards. I have a laptop with an Nvidia graphics card and an inbuilt one and these show upon the device manager and Nvidia manager.


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Guest Paulo Ferrari

@beanus Hi Beanus, Hi, that is right. During Renderworks (Rendering) Vectorworks using only CPU to processing the Render. And GPU it's using to show the graphics on screen (Palletes, Windows and Menu) 2D Graphics, Wireframe, Design and Sheet Layer.

Follow a table that explained exactly that Vectorworks using during the processing.




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