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Creating Turf Area Defined by Other Landscape and Hardscape Areas & Buildings

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Hello - Using Vectorworks Landmark 2019 and working in 2D only at this time (just learning): Is there a convenient way to define as lawn (turf) all the "negative" areas left between the landscape and hardscape boundaries created in other design layers, and the footprint of buildings, the road, etc.? In other words, all the amorphous space left over from all drawn objects and boundary lines.


My hope is that it won't be necessary for me to go back and trace the boundaries of all these other objects, already created by complex polylines composed and created into objects. That would take me a very long time and would be duplicating my efforts. I'm assuming VW has a smarter way.


Most important reason for being able to turn all that negative space into a landscape area (turf) is so that Vectorworks can provide the square feet of all that space so that I can calculate required amounts of loam and seed or sod.


Attached is a PDF. Note the road at bottom of drawing, from where a polyline runs diagonally to upper left of drawing, then across the top and straight back down to neighboring building and the road, then left along road and up the driveway edge. All empty white space outlined by those lines - up until reaching various landscape and hardscape boundaries - will be turf.


Thanks for your help!




Landscape Plan - Create Turf Landscape Question.pdf

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Hi @jmccain8,


From the looks of your plan, you may be able to use the 2D Polygon Tool with "Inner Boundary Mode" selected (see attached image)—it looks like a paint bucket and it will fill in the void spaces you are requesting. You just want to make sure there are no gaps in your linework otherwise it won't work. I would suggest turning off the plants and drawing a temporary quick polyline on either side of your irregular stone pavers before using the tool.


Hope this helps!


Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 10.14.48 AM.png

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