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Get Units in Marionette?

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I am creating a Marionette network that will create an object (trade show graphic) based on input dimensions and then populate a record with pricing ($/sq.ft.) and dimensions in inches and dimensions in millimeters.  When I change the document units things get thrown off.  Is there a way to have the network check the document units so the network can apply the appropriate calculations to get the same output regardless of how the document units are set?  See uploaded image of how this procedure looks in vector script.  Seems like there should be a Get Units node.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I'm trying to wrap my head around this to find you a solution.


1) I assume you always report pricing by sqft?

2) You occasionally have drawings that use other document units and need to *always* convert the pricing to sqft?


I think a solution would be a conversion node that takes current document units and allows you to convert a value to a different unit defined in the OIP. Would this be a valid solution for you? (This won't be a quick node to create in full, but should be easy to start if you're only looking to do one or two unit conversions.)

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1) Yes the price is calculated on the sq.ft. cost of the particular type of graphic.

2) The document units are typically in mm or feet/in.   The key is for the output data to be the same regardless of document units setting.


I don't think I understand this all enough to know if your proposed solution will get me where I need to be.  I think the solution is for the network to look at the document units and if they are set to mm then do one set of calculations and if they are set to feet/in then do another set of calculations.  


See the attached results of the script run with different document unit settings.

run with doc units set to feet and inches.JPG

run with doc units set to mm.JPG

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I think we're on the same page!


The node would have an OIP popup for your desired output unit, the node itself would look at the current document units and convert the input to the unit you've chosen.

I'll look into this.

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