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Connected Polyline

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I assume you mean dynamically, like a node system in other 3D programs.  The short answer is no - VW is not set up for that kind of live data.  You can group the boxes and the line and move the whole thing as an assembly, but if you want to move one box, then you'll have to update the connector line manually.

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There was a discussion on the scripting forum earlier this week (or last week, I can't keep track) about using Coincident Constraints to simulate this. Search for Coincident and you should find it.  The basic trick is that you need to use Lines with coincident constraints at their ends rather than a single polyline to get the functionality you are looking for.


Alternatively, edit your workspace and add the Flowchart tools (Node and Link) from the Tools:Text tool set and see if that will do what you want.

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