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How to set Hatch Pattern by sdk?

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VWObject errorBox(gSDK->CreateRectangle(WorldRect(WorldPt(0,0),WorldPt(1000,1000))));
InternalIndex hatchIndex;
gSDK->NameToInternalIndexN("ErrorHatch",  hatchIndex);
//VWPattern hatchPat(hatchIndex);

Hello there,

I would like to add a hatch pattern that exists in my resource browser to my 2D rectangle (as if I would just drag and drop), but this does not work, what am I doing wrong?  

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If I remember well and if I am not mixing it up with something else, you have to use -hatchIndex to set an hatch.


(I cannot find back a discussion I have in mind, so probably it was a private email exchange and not a post in this forum or in the old SDK mailing list.)

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Thanks @Nicolas Goutte but,

Isn't that just what i'm trying to do?

what do you mean with the '-' before hatchIndex?, I'm thinking I have to set a variable somewhere.

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You have to negate the internal index when setting:


gSDK->SetFillPat(errorBox, -hatchIndex);

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