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Laura Stone

Vertical Bar Railing

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How does the railing/fencing tool create a standard vertical bar railing like this one?



Railing Vetical Bar.jpg

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Not difficult. You just need to fiddle with all the settings. Here is an example. A couple notes: 1) I used the Handrail Straight tool; 2) Since you cannot remove the Top Cap, and it cannot have "0" value, I cheated and made it .01 x .01" (this will present well in Open GL, but unfortunately shows a line in Hidden Line render mode. That would need to be fixed with a mask in annotations); 3) Dimensions for horizontal rails can be set as desired, see attached VWX file; 4) In order to show larger posts (as in your photo) you will need to create Pillars (or Floors, or Extrudes) and place them along the line at the interval of your choice, then the whole set can be Grouped for ease of handling. 5) If along a sloped path you can adjust the "Rise" of the Railing Object, but you will also need to manually (or carefully Duplicate Along Path) the periodic larger posts to conform. or 6) for a stepped fence (as you show) you will need to use multiple separate pieces, carefully aligned in a frontal view to follow the slope. All of these can also be grouped if desired.


[Side Note: This whole thing would be a very good exercise for a Marionette Object]


Post back with follow up questions as needed.


Wrought Iron Fence.vwx

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 8.01.27 AM.png

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Thanks very much for that, looks like a good workaround


I do think Nemetschek need to up their game on this one, we have been using the fence/railing tool because it is quick to use and very handy for giving an accurate layout, including post positions, in 2D whilst allowing us to share IFC models with other consultants on BIM projects.  To have a tool that can't produce a normal railing type like the above without lots of workarounds is really poor and I would want it to be able to follow site contours using send to surface or similar. 



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I totally agree. If you have time you can file a Wishlist Item.



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I made a wishlist request and would appreciate more input on the request for VW to consider  

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