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Braceworks Wrong Calculation

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I have problem with Braceworks calculation of very easy system. 


3x 3m long PROLYTE H30V Trusses, 2 hoists.


3x trusses weights 62,40 kg

When I connect 2 hoists and calculate the system - Braceworks shows Load weight: 54,15 kg 

If truss weights 62,40 shouldn't Braceworks calculate load weight like 62,40 / 2 = 31,2 kg?


See video:




Other example: 


Same truss, same hoists, added 5 loads (200 kg each), calculated the system and it shows Load weight: 801,78 kg per hoist.


TRUSS: 62,40 kg 

Loads: 5x 200 kg

TOTAL Load: 1062,40 kg




So what's wrong? Is Braceworks an alpha version of software? Today - it should not cost more that 1$ because it's useless.




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It's because of the "safety factors" defined in the Bracework Preferences.


Default there is a factor of 1.5 for Temporary Loads and 1.35 for Permanent Loads

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@pgorski1984 As jugfire has pointed out this is partly due to your safety factor settings in the Braceworks Preferences, there are 2 other things that are affecting the calculation, the first is the cable flat-fare in the Braceworks preferences (default 2kg per meter) and the second is the positioning of your 2 hoists, unless they are exactly symmetrically placed on the truss each will have a slightly different load as one hoist will be carrying slightly more of the truss weight than the other. If both hoists are perfectly placed then the basic calculation including the safety factor and cable flat-fare would be as follows

truss 62.4kg

cable 18kg

safety factor 1.35


40.2 x 1.35= 54.27kg per hoist

If you need further help with Braceworks contact Design Express in Poland and ask for Robert Janiak their Spotlight and Braceworks specialist. He will be more than happy to help you.


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