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Dual Machine License Vent

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Is there any accommodation in the works to allow me to use my Braceworks subscription on 2 machines?

Not concurrently, not trying to have 2 people use 1 copy...


Laptop/Desktop is a peanut butter and jelly combo to my life (and I would assume most of us.)


I just got back to my home office as was very keen to geek out on my desktop...only to find the Braceworks workspace not available to my desktop.



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You appear to be a US user so you probably have the Series E version so you should be able to have it installed on 2 machines.

Make sure both machines are using the Braceworks serial number.


We make sure you can't install it on 3 machines and can't run 2 at the same time.


Please take a look at your end user license agreement supplied during the installation process.



1.5 License Agreement (Series E)

If this copy of the software is issued with a serial number that begins with the letter "E" or any character other than "B" or "G":

The computers on which you install the software must be able to communicate with Vectorworks’ server to authorize each installation at first launch and periodically thereafter. If you have purchased a subscription license, your device needs to be connected to the internet while Vectorworks is running within three days of your renewal date for your renewed license to be activated (you are responsible for establishing and maintaining this communication link).

You may operate this software on one (but not more than one) computer at a time.

You may install the software on two computers: (1) a primary desktop workstation and (2) either a portable computer or a computer located at your home. The software may be moved to different computers from time to time, subject to any technical restrictions that may be incorporated into the software under Section 1.5(d).

Vectorworks has the right to incorporate technical restrictions into the software in order to ensure compliance with the terms of this agreement.



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Hey Klinzy,


That worked perfectly. Many thanks. Flurry of new laptop, new desktop, poor license # discipline.
Be well.

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