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Overlapping Snap Points



I have uploaded a video which is easier than words... here is my issue:

In this case I have 2 squares, and I need to select the 1st square clicking on its middle-point... the issue is that there are 2 overlapping snap-points, and VW selects only the one positioned as last one, which stands on top.


Is there any way to "loop" or "cycle" through the available snap points?

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Normally this is called Overlapping Coincident Selection and you get an asterisk next to the cursor. You can then hit the "J" key to bring up a dialog to ask you which object to select, or right click and choose Coincident Selection from the contextual menu. You will get a list of all the objects overlapping at the point and can choose which one to select. from the dialog box. They will highlight as they are selected from the list.


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I was also used to have less cumbersome methods to cycle through

occluding objects for Selection. (RMB or TAB cycling)

As Pat stated, in VW you can use the "J" method.


But in your case it is about snapping and moving ?

Most likely the Objects are individually selectable as they extend somewhere.

I use "J" only in worst cases like where really 5 equal Rectangles lay on top

of each other



For the Selection/Drag Tool there came finally an improvement some time ago.

So that when you select an Object first, to snap and drag it,

it will keep that Selection !

And not switch Selection to the most top Object as soon as you click and hold

like it did in the past.

(If that would be broken in recent SPs, I would have a problem)



I think the same works for Sub Selection for Editing, like dragging an Edge.

It should be save to grab such a Sub Indicator, after such Object was pre-selected,

without the fear to change Selection to other Objects that way.



It the worst cases you can also manually change the stacking order of Objects

(CMD+F or CMD+B) to prepare Selection Priority to your needs.



The most reliable method to move or copy objects in such situations is by using

the "Move by Points" Tools, as it will reliably keep Selection.

Until you manually switch back into a temporary Selection Mode by holding CMD/CTRL.

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^what zoomed said. 

Plus a couple other workarounds:

1. Select the top object then Modify>Send to Back. Repeat as needed. MacOS shortcut is Cmd b. So, click with select tool, then send, click, send etc until the on you want is highlighted. 


2.  (Similar to Zoomer’s) use the Move (Cmd m) command or Move 3d (opt Cmd m) by some convenient amount. The command remembers the distance, so click to Select, Move, click next one, Move, etc.  When ready , Move them back ( negative sign to reverse the direction) individually or as a marquee selection. 


Lots of workarounds!


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Thanks all, all of these methods are good and that is what I used most (specially the Cmd-B and Cmd-F in order to bring the object back and forth).

But it is very "incorrect" mode, not a correct work-flow... 


VW should implement the J key, by pressing the J it should highlights the different objects that overlaps... without opening an additional window... 


Anyway, thanks!

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