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Group Inside Symbol - Automatically Ungroups after Exiting Symbol Edit Mode


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I am trying to group together several similar items (each in a different class) into one group inside of a symbol. This group is intended to be in a parent class that would then control the visibility of the entire group.


However, after grouping the items in the symbol and placing it the desired class, when I exit the symbol, the items come un-grouped.


When I reenter the symbol edit, sure enough, they are all ungrouped.


Any ideas?

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incorrect statement...

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No Idea.


Try taking the symbol into a new blank file and see if you can create the group there.


I just did a quick test (on a much simpler symbol) and I was able to create new objects and group them in a symbol even with different classes for the objects and group.

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I remember having this issue in the past, and I assume it's a bug. I can't remember the exact logic, but it was something along the lines of Vectorworks not liking it when I grouped symbols along with other types of objects which were all within a larger symbol. Are some of the objects you're trying to group nested symbols?


Or perhaps it was that some of my nested symbols were 2D/3D and some were 3D-only. I can't remember, but it definitely had to do with nested symbols in my case.

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@Andy Broomell Yes, I am trying to group nested symbols with basic geometry inside the symbol, so that probably explains it.


I guess for this particular issue, I don't have to put the symbols in the same group, but it does sound like a bug. Hopefully it gets fixed...some day.

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