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Are renders saved as image files, in some temp directory?


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Hi all,


A question about rendering please. Test renders that are done while working, create a handy chronological document about the design development.


When I render some view, is it saved automatically somewhere, from where it could be retrieved later?



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The priority is on Comfort.


- I have a Menu Bar Entry

- I can set Project Templates with individual :

a) File Type

b) File Path

c) Auto Naming with pre- and suffixes (Time, Date, File Size, Resolution)

d) Marquee/Window/Screen/Timer/ ... option

e) Auto Open in Preview, or not

f) Auto Add to Clipboard, or not

g) Assign Shortcut


As I set it up for current Project and general usage for me it works by

- Click to open from Menu Bar

- Click to choose Project Preset

- Click Drag Marquee


Bing Bang Boom and I have a Screenshot in proper format and naming

in my Project's Image Folder.

That Mac App is called Screenshot Plus.

(Alternatives for Windows and Linux, being able to do a)-d) are very welcome)

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My iMac has the same specs as yours. I just installed Snagit for screen capture. It is $49 but is totally worth it. It captures high-res images and videos right from a crop on the 27" screen, especially when you have all the OpenGL settings cranked up. No need for presentation mode with the crop. Then you can quickly crop, adjust, annotate, etc., and email out right from Snagit.

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As to Windows users, it seems Windows 10 snipping tool is being updated, the new version automatically gives a chronological file name and remembers the last directory .


Still, automatic saving by the core VW program, to some subdir by project would be great...Maxwell has this feature and it's very handy.




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