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Purge and Publish Script

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Hi Everyone,


I am interested in putting together a script to automate my publishing procedures and am not sure how to go about it, or if it is even possible. Below are the list of actions I would like to automate. Can anyone help me with this please?


-Publish the VWX file to a PDF using Vectorworks Cloud Services in a user defined location


-Delete a single worksheet called "SJL Worksheet-Estimate"

-Purge document of unused symbols only

-Save a copy of this new VWX file with the text "Published" at the end in the same user defined location

-Export this published VWX file as a DWG in the same user defined location


Thank you



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Are you on Mac or Windows?


On Mac most of the file handling can be done with Applescript.


Vectorworks is a very file specific system. The standard scripting tools to no allow much access to changing other files or closing a file and reopening it with a different name. It might be possible to do in Pythonscript, but I think it would be risky.


I posed an Applescript a few years ago to go through a folders and open multiple VWX files and export them as DWG so it is probably doable.

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On Windows, there is no equivalent to Applescript, so you can't really deal with multiple files unless it falls under the standard batch processing capabilities.


Now that I re-read your request, It appears that you don't want to switch files, but rather just work on the current file. That might very well be doable in a Vector/Pythonscript.


Save as Copy... might be the only problem as there does not appear to be an easy way to enter the revised file name.



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