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Weird horizontal lines in OpenGL render.

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These lines are appearing in my openGL renders at certain zoom distances from the drawing. I'll be zooming in and then all of a sudden they'll appear, then they'll go away.

"well why don't you just zoom until the lines go away?" While that is a workaround, the lines appear while the camera is "sitting" in a seat in the back row of the theatre.


Horizontal Render Lines.png

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You have Lines Option on and nearly perpedicular view to the View ?


You could try background OpenGL and Hidden Line on top in a SL Viewport.

But as far as I know HL has also problems with "1 Point Perspectives"

(called Central Perspective ?)

I assume the wired Lines would go away as soon as you start to rotate your view

a bit sideways, so that it will be a true 2-3 point perspective.


May not help you anyway ...

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11 hours ago, EAlexander said:

Usually this indicates overlapping geometry


Yep, I agree... known as z-fighting.

Can you look at one more thing though? I've noticed some oddities in open GL drawing when your geometry in a long way from the internal origin.

Set a 3d locus to 0,0,0 and then zoom to all, and see how far away you are... if it's a long way, get everything to the origin and have another look.... that might solve it.

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RussU: (a few months later): I was having same problem on a file as the above folks. I checked your suggestion and it did the trick. I was stymied because I have other files that worked just perfect. As it turned out I had imported some symbols or objects from other files of vastly different scales and some of them ended up in 'outer space'. In addition to the striated lines, I had very poor OpenGL rendering. Losts of my object edges had wavy/scalloped edges. Your solutions solved both problems.

Kind regards,

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