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Project Sharing - how to list objects within a certain space?


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Hi all,


Currently, object names do not propagate from the working files to the project file. This renders the LOC function unoperational. Bug submitted earlier.


How do I make a worksheet that only lists objects within a certain space object?


I can list the space number of each object with "getspacenumforobj", but I need to make a worksheet that only lists stuff in one room.





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I do that, but lost the file. It was about:

Create a Worksheet, Set a row as DataBase. Set the criteria as Layer is <<the floor plan do you want to get the report >>

In the first field put the function ==GETSPACENUMFOROBJ in the next =GETSPACENAMEFOROBJ at last =OBJECTTYPENAME



Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 12.17.56.png

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