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Splitting My drawing worksheet list into 2 parts

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My project drawing list is too long so I want to split it in two.  I created two worksheets Drawing List Part A and Drawing List Part B.

I then added a criteria field to have sheets less than A-999 in worksheet A and  sheets greater than  A-1000 on worksheet B.   The problem I'm having is that A-100 and A-1000 both show up in the list for Part B.

So how do I get the criteria to see A-100 and A-1000 as different numbers?  If I set the criteria Sheet Number to >= A-1000 I get all my sheets except for A-100,  If I set my criteria to Sheet Number <=A-1000


Below is a simplified version of my drawing list.  Even though A-1000, A-2000, A-3000 etc are less than 900 they still show up in my list.  How do I resolve this?

Crit 1.JPG

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This is because the Sheet Numbers read as text and not as numbers, which is essential to include your prefix. I have run into this issue myself and I have a workaround...


  1. Open the Titleblock Manager (File > Titleblock Manager)
  2. Go to the Sheet Data Section
  3. Click on Manage Sheet Data
  4. Add a record field...Drawing List as a text style format
    • This record will likely never be shown in the titleblock visually, but can serve to help you sort out which titleblocks go where in your worksheets
  5. Using a "Master Worksheet" designed to pull in all of your titleblocks, add a column for the Field 'Drawing List' and start to populate each sheet with the corresponding A, B, C...
  6. You can then redesign your two drawing list worksheets criteria to look for values that = A, B, C... etc.

Hope this helps.

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Another way around the problem is to make sure that all of the sheets use the same number of digits. 


Instead of A-99, A-100, use A-0099, A-0100.  Then when you do the sort it will come out in the correct order.


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Or here is another way. This will effectively give you a new worksheet function.


Copy the script below and paste into a new blank Vectorscript in your drawing. 


Procedure StrCopy;

{©2019 Patrick Stanford, pat@coviana.com}
{Licenced under the LGPL license}
{No warranty expressed or implied}
{Named StrCopy as it has the same parameters as the VS Copy command}
{Copies a portion of a string given the start position and lenght to copy}
{Extra length is ignored if past the end of the source string}

Var	CellRef	:string;
	StartRef, LengthRef:Integer;


You can now enter a worksheet formula of =RunScript('StrCopy',A4,3,99) in cell C4 of your worksheet.


This will copy just the numeric portion of the sheet name into column C as a string.


Or use a formula of =Value(RunScript('StrCopy',A4,3,99) which will give you the numeric portion as an integer which you can then use to sort your table.


Rather than make two worksheets, put the worksheet on a "dummy" layer and use viewports to put the two portions of the worksheet where you need them.


If you decide you like this, I can tell you how to put the script into your user or workgroup folder and modify the formula so you don't have to keep the script in every file.

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Thanks for all the replies.


I've used viewports before to split worksheets,  but I find that a clunky workaround.

I think for the next project I'll look into setting up my titleblock so that A- and Sheet Number are two different fields.

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