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Worksheet Summary Problem w/ Tags and Geometry Ref

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Hi everyone, 

Maybe someone by chance ran into a similar problem? I have a series of elevations where i used geometry and tags to summarize window heights and window widths (among various other elements) in a worksheet. Normally, when i do window schedules, or door schedules in a bim model, the information doesn't repeat when i enable 'summarize items'. Here, for the life of me, i can't figure out why when i summarize by its id (custom record), by the geometry height =height, and by geometry width =width i get repeated elements that wont summarize, even if they display the same information.



but when i just summarize by ID i get this





Perhaps someone can help me out? Thanks in advance!

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Update - 

Noticed that despite having the same dimensions, the ratio of the objects are different. Is there a way to globally update all objects ratio without having to re-enter the dimensions of every single object? The moment I update the dimensions, or retype the dimension, it updates the ratio. This also helps with the summary - it starts to summarize the contents of the the file better. Is there a way to auto update the ratios of all of the geometry that have the same dimensions dynamically? or is there a way to re enter the =height and =width columns (they remain grey). It might help with the ratio problem.







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It appears that the actual entered dimensions of the windows are not identical, but that they round to the same display value. That would also be why you are not able to get them to Summarize as they are not the same at a computer level even though the are on a human level.


Assuming you Height and Width columns are actually displaying the information from the Window Record (=window.height) and not the worksheet functions (=height), you should be able to enter the height or width in inches into a cell so you can copy it to the clipboard. You can then paste that into a multiple selection of other cells.


If you were in Inches instead of Feet-Inches it would be easier and just be a copy/paste.


Or temporarily change the cell formatting to Decimal to make the copy/paste easier and then format back.

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