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Stage Deck Fill

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Hi Team,


I have a question about Filling Objects, I have taken a stage deck that I created using the stage deck tool and cut a hole in it using the subtract solids tool to make a trap door, the new object now has no fill in Top/Plan view, how can I give this a colour fill like the deck next to it 






Screenshot 2019-04-19 at 11.01.45.png

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After you do the Subtract Solids take a look at the object type in the OIP. It probably says it is a Solid Subtraction.


Solids are 3D only objects. 3D only objects do not offer the ability to have different 2D (Top/Plan) and 3D displays and show as wireframe in Top/Plan.


You have several options to work around this. Which one is right for you will depend on your desired final outcome and how your brain works.


1.  Make a separate 2D object with the fill you want and combine it with the 3D as either a Group or a Symbol. If you may a Hybrid Symbol you will have full control over the 2D and 3D display.

2. Convert the Solid into an AutoHybrid. This will give you the separate 2D and 3D appearances.

3. Don't do the solid subtraction on the Deck. Rather check the Don't Show Deck option and use a slab object (which is already a hybrid object) to manually draw the deck.


And there are probably several other good options also.


Ask again if you need more help.


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Hi Pat,


Thanks for your ideas, yes a very easy work around indeed ....... I actually though it was something I was missing with the Subtracted Solid but of course it has no 2D components, Probably because I subtracted from the deck which has 2D I was expecting the new object to have it as well.


Thanks for the help






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Dear Dave,

I think the Floor command is the easiest way to create hybrid objects (Spotlight>Architectural>Floor). Less complex than slabs and really useful - and not just for floors they can be used for anything. Unless you need to do a symbol count I use the floor command for the whole stage. Just give it a 'thickness' and an elevation if need be. You can clip or add or reshape at your heart's content and it remains hybrid (as does a slab).




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as does a slab
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