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My personal EGPU Benchmarks

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Hello folks, 


I have a project where I can be a little more stationary, so I thought I would experiment with an EGPU and share my findings with the community.


I have a 15" Macbook Pro from 2017 with a 3.1 ghz i7, 16 gigs of ram, and the Radeon Pro 560 internal GPU. I bought a Razer Core X enclosure and a AMD Vega Sapphire GPU


In Mojave, this GPU is officially supported for powering the internal screen, but the best performance is when an external monitor is connected.


Cinebench benchmark

External monitor egpu 93.3 fps

MacBook pro by itself 88 fps
Egpu internal monitor 91.7 fps

Tomb raider gaming benchmark
External monitor egpu 57
MacBook pro by itself 29
Egpu internal monitor 39


I have to say vectorworks doesn't "feel" any faster. Things I do a million times a day, like loading saved views, changing sheet layers, 2d panning and zooming all feel nearly identical. 


In the attached image, you can see that the internal GPU is still in heavy use when using vectorworks, even though the "prefer external GPU" option in mojave is selected in get info.


In summary, I was just too curious to try an EGPU, and now I have the results. I am going to use it all summer as a trial, but it certainly doesn't feel mind blowing.



Screenshot 2019-04-18 10.07.39.png

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I had similar results with a GTX 980 TI on an external display,  though mine was on Thunderbolt 2 and High Sierra.    Made a huge difference in Cinema 4D,   But I felt no discernible improvement in doing all the things I do daily in Vectorworks.  I last gave it a shot on 2019 SP2.

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I use a 5K monitor and a 4K monitor with the BlackMagic eGPU on OS X


Performance of some apps is very poor - not just 3D modelling, but simply moving windows around.  See the attached video showing Excel and VWX 2020 - compared to Safari


Does anyone else experience this?  Any one know why Excel and VWX are so poor?  Could it be affected by the 5K Screen?


@JRA-Vectorworks-CAD I know you use an eGPU so would be very interested to know if you experience the same behaviour







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