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On 4/16/2019 at 8:23 PM, PVA - Jim said:

This Thursday, April 18th 2019, will be my last day at Vectorworks Inc. At least for the time being.


It's been my privilege to be part of forum these past several years. Joining Vectorworks in 2007, I've enjoyed the relationships and professional connections I've made here. But due to personal priorities, I'm making a shift to spend time with family. I wish you all the best — thanks for the kind words, the sometimes harsh reality checks, and the honesty shared with me.

I have signed up as a Beta tester, so you may very well see me around under a personal account @Jim W and one day I hope things return to normalcy and that I can come back and continue my work with you all again.

The rest of the Customer Success team will be stepping in to fill the various roles I filled here, and as many of you have seen, more and more employees participate here daily. I think things will go well.



Dear @Jim W, I wish you all well. 

You have been the heart of VW, you'll be missed like no-one else before. VW lost his soul.



your very, very sorry


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@Jim W , sad to see you leave but massively appreciative of everything you've accomplished. Tons of respect for choosing to spend more time with family - perhaps the most important tech support lesson for so many of us here. Break a leg in your next endeavor!


@JuanP , in the search for the new voice of videos and tutorials, I propose H. Jon Benjamin (reading a script prepared by someone as knowledgable as Jim).


Because he's the hero Forum deserves but not the one it needs right now.



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Wow Jim - you've brought a wonderful blend of knowledge and curiosity, intelligence and wit to the boards. Heck you even engineered the remaking of the board itself.

I'm sure your impact will continue as @JuanP and the team find inspiration in your frankness responsiveness and dedication to making all our experiences in Vectorworks ever more productive, rewarding and fun.


May your photons continue bouncing



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Holy Cow, I had NO idea!!  (Yeah, that's a little embarrassing...).  For a while now I've been vaguely disturbed by a lack of your presence here, @Jim W, but I figured it was just because I'd been spending so little time here.  But I really should have known better, as previously it was impossible to spend even the smallest amount of time here without encountering one of your posts, answers, quick responses, lifelines, hardware recommendations, explanations, reassurances, sneak previews, videos, forum fixes, or any number of many other efforts you've made that has kept myself and, I suspect, many others from going over the Vectorworks edge (which edge suddenly feels alarmingly closer...).  If @JuanP and his team can fill just one of your shoes, they will be doing an amazing job!  

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