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Until Next Time

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Thanks for all the info over the years.  I found you very helpful with your hardware knowledge and how it interacts in VW.  I also think you have been one of the more User-friendly Vectorworks Employee voices over the years. 


Hopefully whatever is next is good for you!




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Best of luck with your new endeavors.  You have been a superb ambassador for the Vectorworks Brand and Product.  Feel proud of your many accomplishments (the true extent of which, most of us probably will never fully know or appreciate).  Hopefully, you will find new opportunities to grow and creatively recharge.

On another note, who is going to narrate all the VW training videos, since you did such a great job? :-)



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@Jim WilsonJim, sad to see you go but one needs to prioritise, life is short and you always follow your gut felling. Yourself and family first, live life and follow your dreams.

I realized this life late in life after working 100 hrs a week for years and have a family member die young and my Doc calling me at work and saying go home i want you in the hospital tomorrow for heart surgery.

All the best and enjoy the family and life.


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Jim—I hope you and yours are well and thriving. My respect for you is enormous. You have single-handedly kept me (and many others I am sure) inside the VW corral with your authentic care, clarity and lack of enmity towards the many who have been hurt/frustrated/outraged by their VW experiences. You will be missed.

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5 hours ago, Andrew Davies said:

This is a blow - we will miss you Jim, but I am sure you are doing it for the right reasons.

All the very best.  Nemetschek will struggle to fill the role with someone as good & dedicated as you.

I second that. Good luck with everything you want to do.



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I wish you all the best.  It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and talking to you at the design summit.  I truly appreciate every ounce of knowledge you have shared with us.  You have made my use of Vectorworks that much greater.


Hope our paths will cross again and I can tip back a beer or two with you some day.






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Jim,  I have no doubt that you will be wildly successful no matter where your next adventure leads.   I truly enjoyed our hang times at the last two Design Summits and will miss them greatly.  I will most certainly miss the unmistakable voice and personality your brought to this organization,   you made it like talking to a friend on the inside vs a faceless company.   I'm glad you'll get to spend more time with family.  Someone once told me,  never fall in love with the Job, because the Job won't love you back.   The more time that passes, the more I realize how true that is.   Family first!  Best of luck to you!   You will be missed!



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