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How to get different HDRI backgrounds in different viewports?


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Hi, somehow I'd assumed that the Lighting Options for a viewport affected only that viewport. It doesnt seem to be the case. I'd like to use HRDI White for elevations, and HRDI Mostly Cloudy for perspective views. I cant seem to get the different viewports to have alternate backgrounds. As seems the case in VW, i can see this setting in at least 3 places but none of them do what I'm looking for. Please advise!




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To do it for a Viewport, you should include the Renderworks background as part of the Render Style. 

View > Set Renderworks Background sets the environment for renders in the design layer side, which I do not use. You CAN control it per viewport as its own setting, but its easy to override that or forget it so I normally advise using it within Render Styles.

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Thanks Jim, I also found this in the help: 


By default, a viewport’s ambient light is set according to the ambient light settings of the first visible design layer in the viewport. If there are no visible layers, the ambient light is set to on, with a color of white and a brightness of 35% (similar to the default ambient lighting for a design layer).


So for me, turning the Background off on all design layers except the ones with the sun I'm using in that particular viewport did the job too.

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