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ExportImageFile does nothing

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2 hours ago, herbieherb said:

This is really weird. But I can reproduce it here. It's not the script. It already gets the different sized images from Vectorworks. So I can reproduce that too. The exact same viewport with the exact same content rendered and then converted into an image almost always results in a slightly different image size. Tested with ~4960x3510 pixels I have variations of ±1 pixel in Y-direction and even ±9 pixels in X-direction.

That's interesting, so you are getting it even if the content hasn't changed? I had assumed that it was connected to me changing something in the geometry that the viewport is looking at.


It's a bit of a problem if you are exporting the images to somewhere else, with the intention that the renders can be updated, and then older versions in the target document simply replaced with the new ones on the assumption that they will be the same pixel size.


I may have to test whether the same thing happens if images are exported in other ways.

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This randomness without changing any parameter is really surprising. I really have no clue where that comes from. You could work around this with the normal image export, but it will be about the same as when you adjust the pixel count in Photoshop. The distortion is probably only noticeable with such special images, such as the grid, which is included in the file with the script as an example. The precise export of any pixel of such images was the initial reason for the script. Nevertheless, it is of course unpleasant.

Theoretically, you could adjust the script so that it shortens the original rendered image by a few pixels so that the result is always the same. Whether that would shift the motive I would have to check. That would give a lot of work on the script and would require an additional menu to select the number of pixels and a mechanism to save them for each view area.

I'd rather hear what the Vectorworks employees have to say about the issue before I invest a lot of time to work around it in the script.

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8 minutes ago, herbieherb said:

I'd rather hear what the Vectorworks employees have to say about the issue before I invest a lot of time to work around it in the script.


I'd be interested to see what they say too; I don't know if this should be filed as a bug.

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Just throwing out that I am seeing the same thing. 

Thanks for the script!  It is a serious time saver!  

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