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ExportImageFile does nothing

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I am trying to make a script that exports an image object to a specified file path. Everything works well but vs.ExportImageFile(hImage, path) does nothing.


Here is the script:


#Get selected bitmaps

crit_ = '(((SEL=TRUE) & (T=BITMAP)))'

out_list = []

def Add_Handle(obj):



hImage = out_list[0]


#Choose path
fileName = vs.PutFile('Choose path:', 'image.bmp')

#Exort Image to path
vs.ExportImageFile(hImage, fileName)


And an example file:

export image.vwx

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vs.PutFile() is used for text files, but you want to create an image file.

I suggest building your path using vs.GetFolder()

You also will not need to use vs.Close() after making this change.


fileName = vs.GetFolder('Choose path:')[1] + 'image.bmp'

(You need to extract the second output from GetFolder, which is why the [1] is after it.)

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Thx a lot. This worked well.

Here is the file with the scripts that export images directly. I had to use two scripts for jpg and png as i couldn't find out the image type.

export image.vwx

Is there a way to find out if an image is a png or a jpg?

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3 hours ago, herbieherb said:

Is there a way to find out if an image is a png or a jpg?


Yes. This one liner will show the compression used on a placed image:


vs.Message(vs.GetObjectVariableLongInt(vs.FSActLayer(), 532))   # 1 = JPEG, 2 = PNG



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Luke from the german forum added a name generator to the script. So the filenames automatically get a date stamp and a overwrite should not happen anymore.

export image.vwx

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