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Seating Section

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Hello all, 


Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.... I'm working with a set of architectural drawings that are PDF imports. They include plans and cross sections of seating areas, which I would like to try and build in 3d...


The way I'm trying to do it seems a little messy... trace the cross section, rotate vertically, place over the plan, and then somehow slice the plan view into rows and give those respective Z-axis...?

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Can you just use the PDF as the view and skip the tracing?  You can import the pdf, rotate it, scale it, and line up its origin.  You can crop a pdf to only show what you want.  You can do all your stuff in 3d.  Do a cross section line wherever, but just have it look at the pdf direction and it should come out okay.  Just a thought.  I have cheated with that sometimes in the past.



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That's what I'm currently doing. I currently have three PDFs layered/cropped/clipped to give me a very nice plan drawing, which I have 3D objects. I'm fairly new to VWX, but I'd imagine that I could take the full cross section drawing, 'hang it' vertically at the end of the plan drawing, and use a viewport to show a cross section that has my production and the PDF drawing.... is that how you would do it?


Breaking the seating out into 3D was more me just trying to do something new, not really a job requirement in this particular case. 

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Yes, that is what I would do and semi-regularly do.  I put PDF"s, DWG's things like that on separate layers, in my head I call them all reference layers even though they are not all actually "referenced".  A lot of theaters that might only have PDF's might have a top, front, and side.  I put them on one layer.  Put the front way in the back put the side way off to the side and align them all to the plan view with DSC being 0,0 or my origin.


Generally works well.



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