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People/Band Symbols

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On 4/17/2019 at 4:30 PM, scottmoore said:

Here are some images of the symbols in my library.  All drawn in VW, all drawn on the "none" class which means no added class structure in your drawings, and all drawn to render quickly.  All are 2D/3D hybrids.  I am finishing up a new website to make these available.  You can add your own bass drum head logo, or change the color of drum kits or grand pianos easily.  

backline image all small.png

backline image amps small.png

backline image drums&perc small.png

backline image keys small.png

backline image pianos small.png

backline image plan small.png





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Just a note to everyone that has purchased the backline symbols package: first of all, thank you. Secondly, there is a bug with VW2020 as it relates to image textures that can be colorized by the object to which they are applied. In a word, that functionality does not work. As such there are some issues with the symbol package. 

- drum kit finishes are not correct and can not be colorized per the instructions.


- the same is true for grand pianos. 

- some percussion instruments will look a bit odd. 

I am hoping that VW will sort this out soon as it not only impacts the symbol package but also deeply impacts a lot of my rendering workflow.  If anyone has any issues, I can create some temporary textures for you. 



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